About Me

I'm 34 years old, married with 2 wonderful and wild boys.  The most that I know I've weighed was 350lbs.  I would float between 335-345 most of the time.  I've been over 300 lbs for at least 14 years.  One thing that finally pushed me over the edge was my clothes just being to tight.  I really didn't want to buy bigger clothes (already XXXL).  The other was I was taking my chances with diabetes for far to long.  My dad, g-ma (dad side), g-pa (mom side), and loads of others in my family are diabetic.  The easy part for me was to lose the 100 lbs, now the hard part begins with keeping it off.

I did my first 5K on July 4th.  How crazy this is to say, I had a blast!  I did another race on August 4th, and crushed the 40 min goal I had for myself.  My long term goal is to do an Olympic Triathlon.  Short term goal is to be able to run a 10K.  I feel once I'm able to run 10K, I should be able to finish strong in a duathlon.  I will be adding my race reports in my goals page.  I've read a bunch of other race reports and I know they helped me prepare a little even before attending my first race.

Freew67 - "Where does you username come from?"  I get asked that once in a blue moon so here goes the short version.  When I was in high school I wanted to go into Marine Biology.  My football number was 67 and I was only the heaviest player on the basketball team.  I didn't play much but that didn't stop my friends from having a little fun. Free Willy (yes the whale movie) just came out in the movies and since my last name begins with a W, well you can figure out where they went with that.  I remember when this all started.  I got in a game, my friends were yelling and screaming, but I wasn't sure why.  During a foul I looked up to see them holding up "Free W from the bench" signs and some of them with Free W t-shirts on.  So in 1998 when I went to create my yahoo email account, I ran with the idea, free + w + my football number.  I didn't like my basketball number. lol