My Favorite Links

I just got started with this page so I plan to update it as I go.  I have tons of links but need to find the right way to sort things.  So for now, I will post the main sites I frequent and feel will benefit folks the most.

Do you have a blog about fitness or weight loss, let me know!

Sites I visit daily:

My Fitness Pal
Runner's World Beginners Forum

Those two I check regularly since both forums can be very busy at times.  Both of those sites also have great search functions so you can find what your looking for.

Other sites I've found useful:  

Map My Fitness Home of Map My Run/Walk/Ride
Chris Powell The host of Extreme Home Makeover Weight Loss Edition
Beginner Triathlete Great place to find training plans
Run University  Couch to 5K and Couch to 10K plans
Improve Your Running Technique by Ron Bowman
YouTube  So many great videos to list about weight lose and exercise.

Other Blogs I visit:

Running Without a Watch
Endorphin Mom
My Weight Loss Journey

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