Friday, September 7, 2012

Mark Rucker, Ironman Louisville Results

Mark Rucker, a native KY boy like myself, another member of the 100+ lb lost club, MFP member, and 2012 Ironman Louisville competitor.  Since I was unable to attend, first thing in the morning I logged on to IMLOU's website and started watching the broadcast of the transition areas.  I have watched a few bits of races on TV before but never really had a reason to seriously watch.  IMLOU site updated their stats throughout the race so at least you could follow folks even if it was a few hours between updates.  For those who don't know a full Ironman race consist of 3 short segments which total 140.6 miles.  2.4 mile swim in the crystal clear swap of the Ohio River, 112 mile bike ride, and just for a laugh 26.2 mile jog.  Everyone who puts one toe in the water, is a little mentally unstable at this point.  You have to be a little nuts to attempt such a race.  Thing is, folks keep coming back because receiving the title of "Ironman" isn't something that is given out, It's earned.

Shortly after I woke up, Mark finished the swim with a time of 2:13:42.  Since I am not avid IM fan, I'm clueless if that is good or not, just finishing in the time limit is amazing to me.  Yes, there is a time limit to each segment and the entire race.  Race starts at 7 am and finishes at midnight.  You don't finish the segment in a certain amount of time your are DQ'd, and even at midnight if you can see the finish line, your done.  Mark started the 112 mile bike with a slower pace then he wanted.  He ended up having issues with the bike (back brake was stuck on) and at the 50 mile mark had to pull out of the race.  Something like 14% of the 3000 or so who started the race DNF.

Was a shame since I was watching the live feed and ready to post a screen shot of him crossing the line.  Mark has shown me that what I thought was impossible is possible.  He is older then me, he is bigger then me, and he can smoke me in the water, running, and on the bike.  Watching the last 2 hours really changed my mind on what I want to do.  People off all ages and backgrounds, running, sprinting, and even passing out as they crossed the line.  As someone who is extremely competitive and comes from an athletic background, I know what it's like to win and lose (those who know me know I know that way to well lol).  I know what it's like to achieve a goal that you didn't think you could do.  I would love to sit here and say IMLOU 2013 here I come!  I just don't think it's financially possible at this point (over $600 to enter plus all the gear etc).  What is possible, doing a half marathon in the spring or a sprint triathlon.  What is possible is doing a marathon in the fall or even possibly a olympic triathlon.  The one thing this Fat to 5K journey as taught me, anything is possible if you want it enough.

Click HERE for the Ironman Louisville 2012 Full Circle video that Mark is in.

My most recent win, and what a great feeling it was...

Note: I'm not on the roof, I'm back by the spoiler.

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