Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I use a HRM (Heart Rate Monitor) every time I work out.  It is a Polar FT7 that uses a chest strap.  When I was walking I used it 99% of the time to see how long I've walked and how many calories I've burned.  Since I use MFP and count calories, knowing exactly how many I've burned helps.  MFP is hit and miss on estimated calories burned, so a HRM is one of the few tools you can use.   During most of my walks I was pushing my 2 boys in a stroller so there could be a 250-400 calories difference from my HRM to MFP.  While they are not 100% correct, I feel it's better then nothing.  Now, once I started to jog I used the HRM to see where my HR was when I felt winded (plus the calorie burn).  I know there is the equation for Max HR 220- Age but I've read on a few running forums that is not 100% accurate.  Since I have no other option right now, I use the formula as a base.  For me its 186 and to be honest unless I'm at full sprint I never get near it.  At least with the HRM I know where I'm at.  Since I'm doing this for my health first then to get in shape for races, I figure error on the safe side seems like a good idea. :)  I did some research on HRM before I bought mine and it seems that Polar is one of the top brands.  There are plenty to choose from and most of the base ones seem to be in the same price range.  If your into counting calories like me, I feel it's 100% worth it.

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