Monday, October 22, 2012

Velocity Bike and Bean, Florence, KY.

This is geared more towards my local crowd.  My bike had issues and I'm sure Montgomery Cyclery would have worked but I figured I would give this new place a shot.  Its called Velocity Bike and Bean which is located on 18 across from the skate park.  Im walking my bike in and the first thing I noticed was the bean part of the place.  Yes, the front half of the store is a coffee shop and the back half is the bike shop.  It's a mom and pop type place and from what I hear it has really good coffee.  I wouldn't know, I don't drink the stuff.  No one was in there so he put my bike on the rack and took a quick peek at it.  I ended up having a gear bent that was causing issues while shifting.  Replaced the gear, bent back another piece that was slightly off and adjusted my gears.  All of this for $43!  While I haven't ever took a bike in to get fixed this sounded very cheap.  Needless to say I highly recommend Velocity Bike and Bean for your bike and coffee needs.  I would much rather deal with a place like this then a large chain.  Now I just need to ride the bike more often. :)

You can visit their website at

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